Profender Shocks: How to Choose Quality Shock Absorbers

Profender Shocks How to Choose Quality Shock Absorbers

Are you thinking of replacing the shock absorbers of your car? Then you should better make sure that you have identified the perfect type of profender shocks that you need to purchase.

However, there are times that you might get overwhelmed by what you will see and read about profender. And it cannot be apparent to make the right decision especially if there are many claims of improvement regarding shocks from various brands. But before anything else, let’s tackle first what a shock absorber is.

Profender Shocks: What is a shock absorber?

It is a part of the vehicle suspension system that helps in keeping the car from bouncing. Profender shocks are pump-like devices that keep your car’s tires in contact with the road surface.

It helps you get better handling of your car and controls the rebound of its suspension springs, unlike the struts. But still depending on the type of vehicle that you have, your car can have rear shock absorbers and front struts at the same time.

Profender shock absorbers work by connecting the springs to the wheels. And these springs will bounce according to the terrains when you are traveling.

The shock absorber helps in keeping you safe as long as the vehicle’s tires will remain in contact with the road, steering, road handling, and braking response. That is why it is very crucial to understand what are shock absorbers and identifying the ones that your car has before replacing any of the replacement parts. 

How to Buy Shock Absorbers

  1. Let your driving conditions influence your decision.
  2. Determine your car shocks’ specifications
  3. Choose a trusted brand of profender shocks
  4. Search and compare prices

Getting the right type of Shock absorbers

When you decided to replace your shock absorbers, you will find different options in most auto shops making it hard for you in choosing. To help you be informed, here are the different types of shock absorbers.

Standard Shock Absorbers

Standard shock absorbers are offered with your vehicle when you buy your car. And it has no unique features. Standard shocks rarely last past 100,000 miles.

Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

These shock absorbers have a large center shaft that is perfect for massive loads. It has beefed-up attachment points with a larger diameter than standard shocks. This type is recommended for SUVs, larger trucks, jeeps, and vans.

Heavy-duty shocks can also use in off-road vehicles that need to haul heavy loads. It delivers a stiffer ride until the load is heavier. The larger central shaft gives your car a firmer ride.

Gas Shock Absorbers

This is the type of shock absorbers is one of the most commonly used shocks in different types of cars. Do you have a smaller type of vehicle? Then this shock is perfect for you as it lasts for an extended period compared to the standard shocks available in the market.

Gas shocks can handle the extra bouncing that smaller cards tend towards. But also, you have to keep in mind that these shocks are created with nitrogen and sealed with oil that cushions your ride.

Automatic level-control shock absorbers

It has an air pump that activates to level-out the weight distribution in the vehicle. Luxury vehicles usually use automatic level-control shocks as it fully complements the weight of the passengers or extra trunk weight. When the car has an added load, the weight will causes the air pump to add pressure to the shocks compensating the additional load.

Air shock absorbers

Air shocks are powered by pressurized air. And it works by inflating inside the shaft. This type of shock absorber is more of a manual process and similar to the automatic level-control shocks in nature. You can raise or lower the shocks when needed as the air is added to the shocks by the driver to dampen the drive.

Overload shock absorbers

It is also known as coil-over shocks that have a spring coil fitted around the outside of the shock cylinder. If your car is an off-road vehicle, the coils help your car in rock climbing and dune buggies.

Benefits of Profender Shock Absorbers

Ride improvement

A good quality profender shock absorber will help improve the ride of your vehicle. And it can be achieved by increasing the amount of shock when your car hits a hole or bump. It can help decrease the amount of force and bounce you while driving.

Smooth and comfortable drive

By using the right type of profender shocks, you will only bounce up and down or get slightly jostled when you are driving on a rough road. It will lessen the amount of movement that you will feel inside the car and won’t feel the bumpy road. A high-quality shock absorber won’t shake around with each bump and divet your encounter.

Safe ride

One of the most essential parts of your car is the suspension system. And profender shocks can keep your car on the road by adding stability to your steering wheel thus help you properly control the steering wheel and the vehicle.

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